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aaaa these really do bind very well !! it delivered to australia in exactly 2 weeks and the packaging was discreet. it just arrived in a standard green plastic bag and there were no mentions of LGBTQ+ themes :]

Pat D.

I have recently discovered my genderfluid identity and couldn't be happier when I found this site. The binders are affordable and comfortable, so when I have my masc days, I can fully embrace the confident and sexy king I am. I cannot thank you guys enough!

Mel M.
United States

Very professional company. I ordered a size too small and they very kindly replaced it for me. Conceals the chest very well. Very soft and breathable fabric, not tight, and by far the best binder I've ever worn. The sizes run small, so if you're in-between sizes or on the higher end of a size I'd recommend getting a size up. Very happy with my binder!

Ivis L.

BEST BINDER EVER!!! just this year i have tried gc2b, spectrum, and underworks binders and they did NOT live up to the hype at all and were so uncomfortable and didn't even work well for me. after that i basically gave up BUT finally, i decided to order this binder a few weeks ago and OMG it was the best decision i've ever made. this binder is so comfortable and flattens me like nothing else. the first day i wore it, after a while i didn't even realise i was wearing it until i looked at myself in the mirror. i'm so happy that i got this binder and seriously can't recommend it enough :))

Oliver F.

I got the one that was said for my measurements unfortunately it didn't fit and I spent the last bit of my money on it πŸ˜…

Lacey B.
United States

I honestly love it. It’s comfortable, and it fits me well, and makes me sm more comfortable in my own skin. It doesn’t hide my chest completely, but it’s more comfy than any other binder I’ve had. It’s easy to breathe in as well. Loved the discreet packaging. I rate it a 10/10 so far :)

Pellie B.

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