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The Swim Binder is made with a special blend of spandex, polyester, and elastic, which makes it fast-drying, comfortable, breathable, and gentle on the skin.

This binder is not just great for swimming, but also for everyday use, whether at work, school, or during physical activity. It is particularly suitable for trans (FTM), non-binary, and women who want to achieve a flatter chest while feeling comfortable and secure.

If you plan to use the Swim Binder for swimming, we recommend choosing one or two sizes larger for a better fit.

· Provides a flatter chest appearance while still allowing for a full range of motion
· Suitable for everyday use, not just for swimming
· Available in a range of sizes to fit a variety of body types
· Easy to put on and take off
· Can be worn under a swimsuit or other clothing
· Can help ease feelings of dysphoria

· Spandex and polyester with elastic band for flatness
· Fast-drying, comfortable and breathable

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Frequently asked questions

Washing your binder is quick and easy! We suggest hand washing and air drying your binder to help it last as long as possible.

How to wash your binder by hand:

1. You can use warm or cold water to wash your binder.

Just lather the binder with a bit of dish soap or laundry detergent and wash it through. 

2. You can give the binder a little squeeze to get some of the excess water out before hanging or laying it out to dry. Make sure you get all of the soap out of your binder before drying it out!

How to air dry your binder:

Simply hang your binder up or lay it out overnight and it should be dry and ready to use by morning!

Can I machine dry this binder?

Yes, however, it is not recommended to do this often as it can shorten the lifetime of the binder. You may decide to machine dry your binder on occasion for 5-15 minutes. 

The best way to find the correct binder size is with your Chest Size. This is under your arms, and around the fullest part of your chest. Scroll down a little bit to view an illustration demonstrating how this is done!

If your chest size falls between two sizes, we'd recommend you to choose the larger size.

Always make sure to look at the size chart for each binder to make sure you pick the best size!

Many people use their bra size to determine what size to get using the Bra to Chest Size conversion chart.

This might not be the best method, but it is more accurate than guessing your size.

You should only wear a Chest Binder for 4 - 8 consecutive hours depending on the compression and your activity levels throughout the day. It's important to listen to your body and take it off when you need a break.

If it's too hot outside and you can feel yourself overheating, listen to your body. Always stay on the safe side and take your binder off if you feel uncomfortable!

Yes, we believe everyone should have access to binders which is why we are happy to offer free worldwide shipping! No matter where you're located on our big floating rock, we can deliver to you!

Yes, almost all our products arrive in discreet, plain white/gray mailers with no branding or logos.

We aim to have all our orders processed and shipped within 48 hours! However, during sale periods we usually get a spike in orders so please allow a few extra days for your order to be processed and shipped. Once your order has been shipped you'll receive an SMS/email update with your tracking number so you can track your order to your door! We ship worldwide, so shipping times do vary quite a lot, however, our average delivery time is 13 days. Please note, this delivery time average does not include the processing time. For more information about shipping times, please refer to our shipping policy.

Emailing us is the way to go! Our customer care team at hi@chestbinder.co is ready to help you every step of the way with any questions you have! We'll do our best to respond to your message within 24 hours.

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aaaa these really do bind very well !! it delivered to australia in exactly 2 weeks and the packaging was discreet. it just arrived in a standard green plastic bag and there were no mentions of LGBTQ+ themes :]

Pat D.

I have recently discovered my genderfluid identity and couldn't be happier when I found this site. The binders are affordable and comfortable, so when I have my masc days, I can fully embrace the confident and sexy king I am. I cannot thank you guys enough!

Mel M.
United States

Very professional company. I ordered a size too small and they very kindly replaced it for me. Conceals the chest very well. Very soft and breathable fabric, not tight, and by far the best binder I've ever worn. The sizes run small, so if you're in-between sizes or on the higher end of a size I'd recommend getting a size up. Very happy with my binder!

Ivis L.

I honestly love it. It’s comfortable, and it fits me well, and makes me sm more comfortable in my own skin. It doesn’t hide my chest completely, but it’s more comfy than any other binder I’ve had. It’s easy to breathe in as well. Loved the discreet packaging. I rate it a 10/10 so far :)

Pellie B.

flattens + is comfy!! i was on edge for a while because i was worried if it was a scam or not. luckily, 60 dollars was spent well!! i can stretch in it and it's pretty soft and doesn't give my skin rashes (i have sensitive skin). this is my first binder and ill probably buy more from here + other websites now. safe binding!!

Echo F.
United States

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